Nexsa G2 XPS System

Fully-automated multi-technique surface analysis system

The Thermo Scientific™ Nexsa G2™ XPS System offers fully automated multi-technique analysis along with high throughput without sacrificing research grade results. Integration of multiple analytical techniques like ISS, UPS, REELS and Raman, allows users to conduct true correlative analysis, unlocking the potential for further advances in microelectronics, ultra thin films, nanotechnology development and many other applications.

Material Analysis and Development

The Nexsa G2 spectrometer delivers flexibility to maximize the potential of your material. Flexibility in the forms of multiple-integrated technique options for true correlative data analysis and high throughput while maintaining research quality results.

Product Features


Optional Upgrades


Bring sample features into focus with SnapMap's optical view. The optical view helps you pinpoint areas of interest quickly while developing a fully focused XPS image to further define your experiment.



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