Knowledge Base

Complete resource of elements and the information that XPS reveals

XPS Reference Table

We present the Knowledge Base here, organized according to the periodic table of elements. All XPS instruments include
the Avantage Knowledge View, a store of XPS information offering advice on experimental considerations, and
spectral interpretation.

Avantage Data System

Common to all Thermo Scientific XPS spectrometers is the Avantage data system, which controls all aspects of data acquisition:

The Avantage data system facilitates an easy to use user interface, making XPS accessible to experts and newcomers alike. Owners of Thermo Scientific instruments frequently make their choice based on the value that only the Avantage data system, with its built-in Knowledge Base, offers. The Knowledge Base links to a database of spectra, which can be opened in Avantage, and used to help with peak fitting and chemical state quantification.