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Mendelevium • Actinide Rare Earth

Symbol: Md
Date of Discovery: 1955
Name Origin: Dmitri Mendeleev
Appearance: unknown
Discoverer: Albert Ghiorso
Obtained From: man-made

Melting Point: 1100 K
Boiling Point: unknown
Density[kg/m3]: unknown
Molar Volume: unknown
Protons/Electrons: 101
Neutrons: 157
Shell Structure: 2,8,18,32,31,8,2
Electron Configuration: [Rn]5f137s2
Oxidation State: 2,3
Crystal Structure: unknown

Named after Dmitri Mendeleev, father of the periodic table, Mendelevium is a metallic radioactive transuranic element of the actinides. It is a synthetic element first identified by Albert Ghiorso in the Berkeley Radiation Laboratory’s 60-inch cyclotron. The isotope produced was 256Md, which has a half-life of 76 min. This first identification was notable in that 256Md was synthesized on a one-atom-at-a-time basis. As only very little mendelevium has ever been made, mendelevium has no uses.


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