Nexsa – XPS System

New fully automated multi-technique surface analysis system

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What Is XPS? Elements Table MAGCIS Dual Ion Beam

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Collecting chemical information from the top 1–10nm of materials ranging from metals to polymers to organic thin films.

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Elements Table

Explore our information-packed Knowledge Base of elemental properties and XPS analysis.

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MAGCIS Dual Ion Beam

Dual ion source for monatomic and gas cluster depth profiling and sample cleaning.

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XPS Instrumentation XPS Features XPS Applications

XPS Instrumentation

Learn how our line of XPS systems fits your application requirements.

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XPS Features

Discover what features are available to solve your surface analysis problems.

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XPS Applications

To understand the chemical composition of surfaces and thin films, use XPS to analyze from 3 to 300 atomic layers.

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