What’s New?

Ultra-violet Photoelectron Spectroscopy on the K-Alpha+

Now available for K-Alpha+ – Ultra-violet Photoelectron Spectroscopy

Ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy (UPS) is closely related to XPS. The only real change is that the photons are in the ultraviolet range of the spectrum rather than the X-ray range. The aluminium k alpha radiation used for XPS has an energy of 1486.6 eV, whereas UPS usually uses photons of tens of eV. Due to lower energy incident photons being used, the kinetic energy of the photoelectrons measured in UPS is lower than that of XPS, therefore giving UPS a shallower information depth.

The new UV photon source for the K-Alpha+ is fully automated and integrated into the Avantage software on the K-Alpha+. Switching from He(I) to He(II) is simple and efficient. Both XPS and UPS depth profiling is now available for the K-Alpha+, and includes automated work function measurement and valence band investigation.